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In most cases the heating and cooling system in your home carries a 10-year warranty. However, after that period, many of the components begin deteriorating to the point where your system becomes difficult to maintain and expensive to operate. At that point many companies will piece your system together with new expensive parts such as compressors and motors just to have it fail shortly after, allowing them to collect again with the replacement of your pieced together unit.

Here at Priceless Comfort we are looking to have the customers best interest in mind. We do not want to piece your old system together to hold you over for another year. We want to give our customers the outright best price on the replacement of their outdated system! Not only will your new heating and cooling system be more energy efficient, producing savings in your electric bill, but we do everything possible to make sure we offer the most value throughout the installation of your new system.

We also offer Plumbing Services for Residential Water Heaters, Remodels, New Home Construction and more!

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If you are experiencing areas of your home that could use additional cooling or heating, ductless mini-split systems are the way to go! These systems can normally be installed within a day, are very quiet, and are incredibly efficient. These systems can be used to condition single rooms, entire floors, and are great for mother-in-law suits and garages! If you are interested please don't hesitate to give us a call!

We are licensed and certified to provide residential & commercial HVAC services throughout the Eastern Shore; DE, MD, VA.

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If you are a licensed technician looking to earn additional income please contact Jesse Bowden at 443-523-4427 (call or text). We would like to have you assist one of our experienced technicians to ensure you are properly trained to install within our guidelines and able to conduct business in a professional manner. Don't forget, it will be a blast being a member of our growing team!

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